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 This relatively early solo effort by Steve Lacy on soprano saxophone succeeds in ways that some of his later work does not. The four tracks are all part of Axieme, which explores sound, timbre, and rhythm in Lacy's inimitable style. Some of the licks that are so identified with the saxophonist are here (including snippets of Monk), but what makes this so appealing is the freedom expressed. The first "Part" starts with a theme, and repeats it over and over again with minor changes until it becomes something new. Elsewhere, Lacy displays some of his more radical work, with extended technique predominant. As with all of his solo improvisations, the recording is demanding of the listener; but there is enough variety to easily hold the listener's attention for the entire length of the CD. Between Lacy's over-blowing, distortions, and explosions (relatively speaking, as Lacy is not by nature a screecher), and his exquisite use of sound, this is a rewarding recording. ~ Steve Loewy, All Music Guide

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